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Some Awesome Couple Poses this Wedding Season

 Awesome Couple Poses

If your wedding is right around the corner, you must be really excited to wear that lehenga of yours or maybe waiting kick start your wedding with a dance performance that you might have been practicing for.

Everything else is fine but are you ready to pose as a couple during the wedding. Well, a lot of the time, couples tend to focus on themselves and how they will look individually, rather than together. This can create a situation where you find it a trouble to do a couple of photoshoot because you know only a limited number of poses. 

But don’t worry because we have got your back. We can help you with the best couple poses that you can keep in mind during your wedding. 

Couple Poses Ideas for Stunning Wedding Photoshoot


1. The Mesmerising Photograph

You can try this pose for your wedding where you both stand in front of a beautiful spot where there are enough fairy lights in the background. The shimmer and sparkle will truly turn your couple photoshoot picture mesmerizing.  

 Awesome Couple Poses


2. The Garland Ceremony Shots

During the garland ceremony, you can get some candid pictures as well as pose a bit for adorable pictures like these.

 Awesome Couple Poses

awesome Couple Poses Ideas

awesome couple pose


3.Dancing Poses

This one is easy as you don’t actually have to pose. This couple pose can be done when you are shaking a leg with each other.

indian Couple Poses

awesome Couple Poses


4. Dramatic Poses

Or you can just go for the dramatic poses that can help you get some awesome couple shots. So, if you’re looking for stunning couple poses, you can try this one out.

awesome Couple Poses Ideas

Couple Poses styles

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awesome Couple Poses tips


5. Some Creative

Maybe you can try some creative poses too with the help of a photographer and the props that are available to you. Such poses are not really rehearsed but improvised according to the place and situation and the majority of the work is of the photographer to make sure he/she makes full use of what’s available.

best indian Couple Poses styles

awesome Couple Poses Ideas

Now, if you want a photographer who can actually help you achieve such poses and support in turning your wedding photography stunning then you can book your photoshoot with Portfolio Studio. 

Portfolio studio was started way back in 1978 and ever since we have captured over 8000 weddings. If you are looking for a stunning wedding album and want to try out unique ideas and poses then you can book your couple photoshoot with us. Our exceptional wedding photography skills and eye for details can really enhance your wedding album and give you pictures that you can cherish forever.

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