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Best Destination Wedding Photographer | Portfolio Studio

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Imagine this: A picture of a loving couple playfully standing in each other arms, in front of their house. Seems sweet doesn’t it? 

Now let’s take the same couple, have them stand the exact same way but instead of standing in front of their house, they are now standing in front of a scenic view. As the sun sets and imparts a red hue to the sky, making the clouds blush, a flock of birds flies in the sky as the couple stands on the shore of a beach with gentle waves crashing against their feet. 

Which picture would you say is the better one? The one where they stand in front of their house? Or the one in which they are at the beach? Well even though this answer is subjective we can bet that you chose the one at the beach!  

This is the effect of destination photography! 

Destination photography is clicking surreal pictures of couples in front of breathtaking locations. Destination photography seems to be the new emerging trend among youthful couples. The reason being that not only will you get mesmerising pictures from these shoots but will also get to experience traveling with your loved one. When you take a couple and place them in a beautiful surrounding, they automatically become chirpier and merrier leading to more candid moments by Best Candid Photographer in Delhi that can be captured. 

People don’t have destination wedding photoshoots just for the pictures, added that it is the wonderful result of this experience, they choose to have destination shoots to spend quality time with their other half in serene locations. Nonetheless, the couple feels overwhelmed to explore a different or their favorite palace together. It helps them strengthen their bond of love and come even closer to each other. From knowing each others’ taste for food to their inner emotions, you get to know almost everything that you didn't know before. So, destination weddings are not for mere fun, it also helps your intimate family members enjoy the ride quite well - without having to worry about so many things. Hire Best Destination Wedding Photographer with Portfolio Studio for Amazing Destination Wedding Photoshoot.

The locations for these destination shoots vary from one person to another depending on their taste. A few ideas for destination shoots for Best Destination Wedding Photographer :

  • Historic locations- What's a better location to have your romantic destination photoshoot than places of historic importance. These monuments have stood the test of time to see various love stories. Taj Mahal, Humayun's Tomb and Neemrana Fort-Palace are just a few examples.

  • Water Bodies- States such as Goa with its mesmerising beaches and Kerala with its entrancing water bodies are wonderful places to have a destination photoshoot.

  • Architectural wonders- The French colony in Pondicherry is not only beautiful to look at but the bright and vibrant colours the buildings are in are a feast for the eyes. A playful destination photo shoot would be perfect here. 

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For every destination photoshoot, you need a good destination photographer, that is where Portfolio Studios step in. With more than 46 years of experience, we have had more than 8000 shoots done across the country, So we know how to make the best out of any destination. 

Being the best destination wedding photographers, we assure you that you will get nothing but the best from our end. Feel free to contact us to know more or book your shoot. We would be delighted to capture your special moments and immortalize them with the magic of our cameras.

To help you capture your best and the most stunning moment, our team at portfolio studio can help you photograph your candid moments. Our team consists of professional photographers who have an extroverted personality and extraordinary skills to capture your wedding in a perfect way. Our directors, filmmakers, cinematographers, photographers, and editors help you create dramatic memory using stunning pictures that you can treasure for your lifetime. You can directly get in touch with us, or write to us at info@portfoliostudio.in or visit our website to know more about our work. 

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