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The Best Wedding Trends That People Will Continue To Follow In 2021


We here at Portfolio Studio have covered thousands of weddings by now, and what we love about this industry is that every wedding we witness is different from the one before in its own way. And that is what makes each and every Indian Wedding special.

However, there are certain trends that we as Best Wedding Photographer have been seeing in weddings for some time now. These not only make your wedding album look great but they are also the life of the party. These trends make things a lot more fun! And if you are a couple who is in the initial stages of planning their weddings, then make sure that you check out all the ongoing wedding trends. And to make it easy for you, we here at Portfolio have compiled a list of some of our most liked Wedding Trends that every wedding should have. 

15 Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2021

Given below are some of the best and most exciting Weddings Trends that will also persist in these pandemic times. So go through each and every one of these, and make sure that your wedding has the ones you love.

1. The Mesmerising Pre Weddings

wedding trends

2. The Astonishing Bridal Shoots

wedding trends 2021

2021 wedding trends

3. The Happy Group Pictures

wedding dress trends 2021

4. The DIY Decor

bridal lehenga trends 2021

2021 wedding dress trends

5. The Unexpected Bride And Groom's Entries

6. The Candid Photography

trending wedding dresses

7. The Dark And Moody Images

2021 bridal trends

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8. Shoots With Vintage Cars

trending wedding colours 2021

9. The Good Old Fashioned Wedding Performances

wedding decor trends 2021

10. Fairy Tail Lighting

bridal trends 2021

11. The Wedding Hashtags 

wedding color trends 2021

12. The Flowery Backdrops

trending dresses for wedding

13. Wedding Fireworks

indian wedding dress trends 2021

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14. The Band Performances

2021 wedding reception trends

15. The Exotic Beach Weddings

popular wedding colors 2021


Hence these are all the wedding trends you need to make your wedding a lot more memorable and fun. And if you are looking for a photographer who can perfectly freeze some of your life's most precious moments in time, then we here at Portfolio Studio would love to be of service. We are a Professional Photography House that has covered about 8000+ weddings in 12+ countries. So, even if you have plans for a destination wedding then our team is up for the challenge. Hence, feel free to Reach Out To Us, and if you liked this article then read more of our blog Right Here.



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