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A Comprehensive Shot List For Wedding Photography

Going to tie the knot soon? Well, one thing is sure that you are going to have a lot of fun. But you will also be required to take care of a number of things that come with the wedding preparations. Among all the things, you will definitely hire a photographer who will capture your wedding. Now, if you are clueless about what things photographers have to click during a photoshoot then you have come to the right place. We have prepared this comprehensive list of shots that are a must for wedding photography so that you can be well aware and save yourself from disappointment. 

1. Getting Ready Shots

This is among the most important shots where the bride gets ready while getting hair and makeup done. Such kinds of shots capture the emotions that go on inside the mind of the bride. 

A Comprehensive Shot List For Wedding Photography

2. Shots of Venue and invitation

Another most important shot is the venue. It can include the venue from different angles. Also, it can include the shot of invitation since the venue already has a label of who is getting married. So why not include the invitation with it. 

wedding photographer in delhi

3. Holding Dress

It is very crucial to get your dress captured. So, hold it in your hand or hang it somewhere and get it captured the right way before you wear it. 

List For Wedding Photography

4. The Guests

There have to be pictures of guests who have come to your wedding so that they can also take something from your wedding. They are also going to dress up for your wedding so make sure that they also get clicked.
 Wedding Photography

5. Bride, Groom and the closed ones

There will inevitably the shots of both the bride and groom together. But also there have to be shots of the bride and groom with their close family members and friends. 

candid wedding photographer

6. Solo Shots

The bride and the groom have to have solo shots of their own in different poses and lighting. Such shots are crucial once you get ready to go to the wedding stage.
bridal photoshoot

7. The rituals

There are going to be a number of different rituals but they are the perfect time to capture good pictures. So, make sure that all the candid pictures are getting captured during the rituals in chronological order. 

wedding photographer

8. The celebration

People are going to be celebrating, dancing, and having fun together. There will be plenty of opportunities for the candid wedding photographer to capture candid pictures. So, make sure that such pictures are getting captured. 

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9. Final Blessings

During ‘Bidai’, things are bound to get emotional. This is something that must be added to the lists of shots during wedding photography.
indian wedding photography

Mentioned above are a few of many important shots that must be captured during wedding photography. Now, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding who can capture these shots and many more and give you the perfect wedding album then you can book your photoshoot with Portfolio Studio. We are a team of professionals who believe in capturing stories and moments that can make up for timeless memories. 



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