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5 Essential and Creative Wedding Poses

Wedding photography is all about creativity and innovation. There are similar kinds of wedding pictures out there, so there is a need for couples to be creative with the poses. While the photographer can help you with it, you have to do your own research to do poses that are essential to your wedding as well as unique and creative. 

You can look up for poses on Pinterest. There you can find some creative photoshoot ideas for weddings. You can also take examples from the 5 wedding poses mentioned below. 

1. The Garland Ceremony shot
This is one of the most essentials shots during the wedding. It is considered as one of the main events during a wedding. You can get creative with it by adding a bit of firework in your background or do the ceremony on a stage which is a little higher from the ground. Also, it is one of the best times to go candid. Be in the moments while the photographer captures you in some candid “poses.”

The dancing pose
You can also try the dancing pose where you don’t necessarily have to pose but to dance. This way, the photographer can capture some good shots. This is the best way to get some creative shots where you just have to dance. You can add your friends or family in the frame too. 

3. Looking over the shoulder

This is a rather nice pose that many people tend to overlook. All you have to do is turn your back to the camera and look over one of your shoulders. You can try this wearing your wedding dress or while taking getting-ready shots. This is a creative pose that you must definitely try. 

4. With the dress

This is another essential pose for your wedding. In this, all you have to do is pose with the dress that you are going to wear for the wedding. You can experiment with it. You can either hang it from the ceiling and hug it or you can hold it like shown in the image. 

5. A Stunning portrait
Whether it is for the guy or for the girl, portraits are an essential part of wedding photography. You have to get some solo pictures of yourself in the best lighting that really brings out the magic of the dress that you are wearing. Also, you can use such pictures to update your social media profiles. If you want the best creative wedding pose idea, you can just go for this one. 

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