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Future of IWeddings in India After COVID-19

With the spread of Coronavirus, the whole world is shaken. Whether it is a Well-known brand or a startup, everybody has taken A huge fall. Now one of those industries is the event industry and especially the wedding industry.

With the rise in weddings around the world, new and new trends were being introduced to the wedding world. But with the spread of COVID-19, The picture has become a bit blurry. It is very hard to guess when the world will open up and things will go back to normal but what about the future of weddings in India.

Future of Weddings in India After COVID19

Future of Weddings in India

Indian weddings are considered as one of the biggest social events. There is so much to see in our at an Indian wedding that it’s an experience of it soon.

Currently, Indian weddings were seeing a trend of destination weddings where the bride and groom Would select a beautiful location. It could be an exotic beach or a fancy hotel or resort. Since these activities require a lot of guests and close family and friends thus making it an impossible scenario in the current situation.

With the rise of COVID 19 in India, such kind of social events has been banned or put under massive restrictions such as enforced sanitization and limited guests.

Future of Weddings Post Covid-19

Now if you want to predict the future of weddings after the pandemic ends then you have to analyze the current situation.

If you can see, a lot of events and weddings are already happening. Even though it might not look like a great idea but it is still happening because of the right measures that are being taken along with the precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

If we see the key takeaways from such Events then you can predict how weddings will happen in India post-COVID 19.

Organizing a wedding during and post-COVID 19

Here is the list of things we can keep in mind while organizing a wedding during or post-COVID 19 to ensure the safety of your guests and relatives.

1. Guestlist

First, you would want to start with the guest list and see whom do you want to invite. Obviously with social distancing rules and avoiding cramped up situations, try to keep your guest list short.

2. Venue

Next, you would want to carefully choose the venue for your wedding. Most likely you have to decide on a big value that can accommodate all your guests and still have plenty of space left.

to be on the safer side, you can try to book a venue that is outdoors. This way you will have more breathing space and fresh air.

3.Frequent sanitization

It is possible that you might see frequent sanitization at the venues of weddings. This is to ensure that hygiene is maintained throughout the event. And not hands sanitization of hands of people but also of the venue.

4. Infrared Thermometer Scan

Also, the guest coming to the wedding might also be scanned for high-temperature in order to avoid any trouble for others at the wedding. This can be done to ensure that no Sikh person enters the venue without being monitored.

Future of Weddings in India After coronavirus

Now there are several other ways to organize your wedding and still have fun post-COVID 19. If you want more advice on this I want to hire a photographer who can capture the perfect story of your love then you can book your photoshoot with Portfolio Studio.

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