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Things You Need to Know About Hosting an Engagement Party

Before actually diving into the checklist and things you should know about an engagement party, let us explore the world of engagement party a little? You might have heard of engagements but what exactly is a party, what to expect? 


In this blog, we’ll tell you what is an engagement party, what you should expect and if you’re planning one, what are the things that you need to consider for planning a mindblowing party to awe your guest. So, let's dive in. 


An engagement party is a gathering of two families, in-laws to celebrate your engagement news. It is the first official chance to meet all the family members and know them better. The meet completely depends on how you keep it. Whether you’d like to have some drinks or a little brunch or you plan a movie night, it is simply to enjoy the beginning of two souls as a couple. 



If you want, you can also include some great and fun activities to make everything comfortable and memorable. 


1. Are You Planning An Engagement Party?

If you’re the one responsible for planning and organizing the engagement party, you need to pull up your socks to create the first great impression. What are the things you should be knowing about before actually starting to plan your engagement party. Here’s the complete checklist to hosting an idea engagement party.


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2. Pick A Host

If you're not organizing the engagement party, you must consider picking a host who’ll take care of the party. Traditionally, the bride's family hosts the engagement party, but some couples like to thowr an engagement party for both the families altogether. If you're the host, confirm everything so that you know the budget and plan accordingly. 


3. Pick A Date

Another important thing for an engagement party is to pick a date when everyone from the family is available to join. This is one of the most important parts for the couple, make sure to choose a date that works for everyone. 

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4. Make Guest List

Guest list will determine your next steps, make sure you are clear with the count. However, the important thing about any engagement party is that it is a special day and it is upto a couple with whom they would like to celebrate it. You need to be very cautious about choosing the guest, because many people who’ll not be invited may feel left out. So make sure you are surrounded by all your loved ones. 

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5. Select Venue

Are you planning your engagement party at a house or a venue, make sure you choose an engagement venue according to your guest list so that you have plenty of room for everyone. You may not know what’s coming. 


6. Choose Theme

What is the couple like? What do they have in common? Are they foodies? Travel lovers? Where did they meet? Set your theme according to the choice of the couple. You can also make sure you have a theme that’s easy and non-restrictive, since this is gonna be a first official get-together. 




Other Things That Must Be Taken Into Consideration During Your Engagement Party Planning is:


  • Sending Invitations
  • Choose The Outfits
  • Arranging Gifts for the Guests
  • Plan The Menu
  • Plan Your Decor
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