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How Coronavirus has Affected Wedding Photographers?

We know how coronavirus has affected our day to day activities, but what we have not recognized is its impact on the glamorous photography industry. As our country is under lockdown, there are no events or weddings that a photographer can cover whatsoever. This is a good step towards the fight against COVID - 19, but it also has led to the downfall of the former booming wedding photography industry.

We here at Portfolio Studio, being some of the top wedding photographers in India are here to let you know who the wedding photography industry has taken a hit due to Coronavirus:

Wedding Photographers are experiencing revenue decrease

This is the most immediate consequence that photographers had to face due to coronavirus. During Social Distancing and Janta Curfew in implementation, there are no events and celebrations for the photographers to cover. Which in turn, has directly led their business to come to a halt. COVID - 19 most certainly promises a recession that will keep the wedding photography industry from getting back on its feet right away. 

Coronavirus has affected Wedding Photographers

And this is not just about wedding photographers, Coronavirus has impacted the photography industry as a whole. Sports photographers are also facing the same problems as all the public gathering activities have been dropped on government orders.

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The prices of Photography Equipment/Services will go down

As general has taken a huge hit because of coronavirus, this will also lead to people buying less new photography equipment that can further make the services and equipment cheaper. This is another factor that will cause a problem for the photography industry after the Corona Pandemic comes to an end.

Due to this, the most anticipated camera launches that were supposed to happen this year like Canon R5 and Nikon D6 will also be postponed.

Photographers can use this time to plan for their business

As photographers don't have shoots after shoots at the moment, they can use this time to focus on their business. And there are countless things that a photographer can do, like:

1. Get new ideas and inspirations from the internet

2. Work on your their website's SEO.

3. Get to know new marketing techniques

4. Learn about Facebook and Instagram Ads

5. Curate a new and better Portfolio for themselves.

So here were some pointers on how the Corona Outbreak has affected a Wedding Photographer.

photographers affected by coronavirus

And if you are a photographer or even a couple who is looking for inspiration for a wedding photoshoot in the future, you can go and check our site of wedding photographers Portfolio Studio.

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