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How The Pandemic Has Changed The Wedding Industry? | Portfolio Studio

As we all are familiar, India is a land of extravagant weddings. The weddings that we have here are incomparable to the celebrations that go on in the rest of the world. And this is why some coined the special phrase "Big Fat Indian Wedding" for them. 

However, in the past year, the pandemic has really changed people's perspectives towards weddings. In retrospect, people have now got a deeper understanding and appreciation of what is essential and what's not. So at a time where having a wedding was a difficult enough thing to do, couples were happy to tie the knot and celebrate the biggest day of their lives with just 50 people.

But that is not all, the pandemic of this scale has changed the wedding industry entirely for the coming years at least. And in this article, we here at Portfolio Studio will talk about how Covid - 19 has changed the wedding industry?


Different Ways The Pandemic Has Changed The Wedding Industry


1. Shorter Guest Lists:
Not only will couples be restricted to invite just their immediate family and friends due to the government's guidelines, but a lot of people would try and avoid weddings in the fear of getting exposed to the virus. Hence these two factors combine to give us more intimate weddings in the future.


2. More Outdoor Weddings:
Since people are more prone to getting exposed to the virus in closed places, most of the weddings that we'll be witnessing will be held outdoors. These will most probably be tent weddings that will have the best arrangement to maximize airflow.


3. No Greeting Or Receiving Lines:
We can surely say goodbye to this Tradition. Since these were not really essential rituals in weddings, people will no longer be practicing them as they only raise the risk of exposure.


4. Streamlined Wedding Festivities:
The weddings that we'll be witnessing over the next few years will have more of a streamlined approach rather than a laidback one. And this is due to the fact that this is not one of the best times to go with the flow and let your hair down. While putting together a wedding, now families will have a lot on their mind to completely comply with the govt guidelines while trying to enjoy a smooth functioning wedding. 


5. Fewer Extravagant Weddings:
As we said before, we'll hardly be seeing any typical big fat Indian wedding for at least a couple of years. Since people can't invite people other than their close relatives, then what is the intent of having a luxurious wedding?

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Hence, these were a couple of ways the pandemic has changed the Indian wedding industry. But if you are a couple who thinks that it is the right time to tie the knot, then we would suggest you do your research about all the govt guidelines for weddings so that you can put together the best wedding with whatever you have. And no matter if the wedding is big or small, you'll definitely be needing a photographer to capture those special moments of your life. Hence if you haven't hired anyone yet, we here at Portfolio Studio would be happy to freeze your most precious memories in time with our skillful and talented team of photographers and cinematographers.

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You can check out our recent wedding shoots, and feel free to reach out to our executives for any queries or shoot bookings. And also don't forget to take a look at some more of our blogs to gather inspiration for your wedding.

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