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How to Plan Intimate Wedding During Covid19 With Portfolio Studio

If you are a couple looking forward to getting married during COVID-19 then it might look a little impossible but in reality, it’s not. It’s actually very simple to plan An intimate wedding and still be safe from the virus.

In this little guide, We will discuss with you some of the best ways in which you can plan your intimate wedding during this pandemic season and still make the most out of your memories through stunning pictures.

Planning a Wedding during COVID-19

Here are some of the ways in which you can plan your wedding during COVID-19


1. Start with the Guest List

First, you have to start with the number of guests you want at your wedding. It matters because right now social distancing is really important and the fewer people the better. So, try to invite only close family and friends who are willing to attend your wedding and do not have any travel history that might put everybody at risk.

How to Plan your Intimate Wedding During Covid19

2. Choose the right venue

Then you have to choose a venue that can accommodate all the people that you are inviting to your wedding. We would advise you to plan your wedding outdoors where there is more room for movement. You can also go for closed venues but make sure that they are frequently sanitized in order to maintain proper hygiene of the place.

Plan your Intimate Wedding During Covid19

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3. Mandatory Masks

You can also ensure that everybody who is at the wedding is wearing a mask. This can further avoid any kind of spread of germs and viruses. It is also a very practical approach towards walking into a public place.

4. Infrared scanning

Also, all the guests who are attending your wedding Should be scanned for higher temperatures. This can help you avoid situations where a sick person might affect the others around him or her.

5. Photography Approach

You also need to make sure that the photographer your hiring is having the right approach towards maintaining a suitable distance and capturing pictures.

The photographer can try to wear gloves during the photoshoot and also since he will be working closely with the bride and the groom, the photographer should maintain proper hygiene by frequent sanitization of hands and wearing masks all the time.

How to Plan your Intimate Wedding During Covid19

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