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Indian Wedding Couple Photography Photos - Portfolio Studio

Weddings have a special place in Indian culture. With changing times, the trend of wedding photography has also changed. Now, it is not just about the traditional kind of photography. There’s candid wedding photography, pre wedding photography, drone shoots, bridal portraits, getting ready shots, etc. 

So, if you are looking forward to having your wedding photographer, you have to keep a few things in mind. 


Indian Wedding Photography

For the best pictures, you have to be creative with your wedding photography and coordinate with your photographer accordingly. So here are some of the ways in which you can get the best out of your Indian wedding photography. 


1. Photographer

Firstly, you have to find the right Indian wedding photographer. For that, you have to check out portfolios of different photographers and also see their experience along with reviews on the internet. Once you are convinced with their photography style, you can approach them and convey your expectations which brings us to our next point.  

2. Expectations

Tell your photographer about the expectations you have from him/her. Whether you want a luxury wedding shoot or a pre-wedding shoot, it is important for a lot of reasons. For starters, it helps in avoiding any conflict in the future and help you discuss payment. 

3. Ideas

Apart from that, you also need to do some homework before going to your wedding photoshoot. You must have seen your parents’ wedding album but you need to go beyond that. You need to get the right idea by exploring Indian wedding photography a little deeper. So, you can take some ideas from the given below pictures. 


Indian Wedding Couple Photography

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Couple Photography

Indian Wedding Couple

Wedding Couple Photography

Couple Photography

best Indian Wedding Couple Photography

best Indian Wedding Photography

best Wedding Couple Photography

best Couple Photography


Now that you know about Indian wedding photography and how to approach your own, you can be prepared for your special day. If you want a good photographer who can click your wedding pictures then you can book your photoshoot with The Portfolio Studio. We are a team of photographers who believe in creating memories that last forever. We have experience in Indian Wedding photography which will help you in getting your desired wedding album.