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5 Must Have Photos On Your Destination Wedding

Wedding pictures are probably the most important pictures that you will take in your lifetime. A wedding is one of the most essential events of one’s life. A milestone from which everything changes. You have to share your happiness, sorrow, family, food, roof, bed, and life with your better half. A commitment that is believed to last for several lifetimes.The union of two souls. 

photo ideas for destination wedding

There are various things that couples adopt to make this important event even more special. A few of these things include: having a pompous big fat wedding with exuberant dresses and choreographed dances, keeping it very intimate by having a small guest list, having lavish cocktail parties or having a destination wedding. 

must have photos on your destination wedding

A Wedding Destination is the new hot wedding trend. Experiencing this auspicious occasion in the middle of the scenic surroundings with your loved ones will surely leave an evergreen memory etched in your heart. No matter how great memory is, it is bound to fade away leaving only the important aspects with time. The only means to remember each and everything about these moments are through pictures. Therefore, Portfolio studious brings 5 must-have photos of your destination wedding:

1. Scenic Photoshoot in Casuals:

An important thing that most couples forget to do is click pictures in their casual attires at their destination wedding. Sure, you can post a couple of pictures of yourself in your wedding attire on your Instagram feed but you can’t go on posting the same. 

must have images on destination wedding

As a young couple roaming and exploring the beautiful streets of your wedding destination, make sure you stock on plenty of pictures in candid moments. 

2. Pictures from the Bachelor Party 

Bachelor parties are quite a common sight to witness when it comes to destination weddings. The bride and groom have a blast with their loved ones before getting hitched. 

photo ideas on destination wedding

These parties are full of joy, humour, dancing and fun. The perfect event for candid photography. An amazing array of pictures of the bride and groom with their friends and family can be captured here. 

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3. Getting Ready Pictures

Have you ever come across aesthetic pictures of the bride’s dress hanging in a cupboard, the groom’s tuxedo neatly ironed and left of a chair and rings and other jewellery being adorned by the bride? These are pictures of them getting ready. 

must have photos on destination wedding

While it is common to get thousands of pictures taken after getting ready, it is important to click pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. The anticipation, excitement, joy, anxiousness and a mix of emotions can be captured in these moments.

4. Destination Wedding Attire Shoot

What’s the use of a destination wedding if you don’t have flawless wedding pictures in front of recognizable establishment/ monuments?

image ideas for  destination weddings

Pre-wedding photoshoots usually do the job of capturing the couple alone in front of jaw-dropping backgrounds while they pose playfully. But the same thing when done in bridal attire produces mind-blowing results. Once the bride and groom are ready, make sure that they have enough time to pose in front of the famous places in their wedding destination. 

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5. Post-wedding shoot

Your photographer would have spent an ample amount of time and effort to make sure each and every moment of your wedding has been captured. But what about the emotions felt after the wedding? 

photo ideas for destination wedding

The two families and friends coming together after the wedding to have fun and explore the beauty of the destination must be captured! 

A destination wedding is an investment you make. An investment for a good time to get united with your better half and have immense fun. To make sure that all of your precious moments are covered and captured you need a good photographer having your back.

Portfolio studio is one of Indias best studios. With more than two decades of experience, we have become pioneers in all kinds of photography and one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi. We firmly believe in not just capturing a picture but displaying the emotions in them through our photographs. You don’t have to take our word for it, have a look at our portfolio as it speaks for us. for any queries or bookings feel free to contact us, we would be happy to immortalise these special moments for you.

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