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Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Bhopal | Portfolio Studio

Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Bhopal
Top Pre Wedding Photography Mistakes to avoid

With new trends storming the wedding industry, couples have started yearning for shooting sessions with their partners before the wedding ceremony hovers over the head. Coupled want to enjoy these days energetically and make these memories cherishable, lively, and vividly robust in their head. 

From shooting stars to shooting on a pre wedding photography, couples are more prone to these photo sessions, as they provide enough time to the couple to wander and enjoy the time before they get married for life. 

Pre Wedding Photographer in Bhopal

To get yourself captured you just need a skilled photographer who is experienced in capturing the pictures and has covered a number of pre weddings photoshoots across the country. This will help you to keep these moments documented so that you can relive these moments whenever you look at these pictures. So, if you are ready to hire a photographer, then here are some tips to find the best one. 

1. Search -

Search a good photographer who is knowledgeable and artistic in capturing the couples at a pre wedding. He should be able to deliver what you need and require. Since every photographer has his or her style, it is necessary that you choose the one who fits your theme and style.

2. Scan -

When you shortlist few photographers who you think are the best pre wedding photographers in Bhopal, start scanning their portfolios, work and the style they are using while clicking the pictures. Choose a photographer who has a unique style and contemporary approach in capturing the couple at various locations. The most important thing to remember while choosing the best pre wedding photographer in Bhopal is that he should be able to click pictures candidly. The photographer should not ask you to pose for a moment, his art of capturing the photo should be instant. 

3. Swift and Savvy -

The camera person you choose should not be lazy, else the laziness will snare your pictures. So. choose a photographer who is swift at his work, who can deliver all the requirements on time with utmost precision and impactfully. The professional photographer should also be savvy about the different styles that he should execute while doing your photoshoot at different places in different themes. He should be knowledgeable about the different types of equipment that are used in elegant photo shoots to make the pictures more stunning and fashionable. 

Pre wedding photography in Bhopal - 

Known for its beautiful and natural places, surrounded by picturesque lakes, Bhopal is one of the top heritage spots where couples love to have their photoshoot. Bhopal is famous for its steller Havelis, museums, astonishing palaces, and Mughal architectures. 

Since Bhopa has such a rich culture and tons of beautiful locations, you shouldn’t think twice about having your pre wedding photoshoot there. You are not only getting a chance to get close to nature but you are also getting to spend such a beautiful time with your bae. So, for your pre wedding photography in Bhopal, candid wedding photography you can try the locations mentioned. 

Here the 10 prominent places in Bhopal where you can have your stunning pre wedding shoot. 

1. Kamlapati Palace - 

It’s a palace located on the bridge between the large and small lake of Bhopal. It was said to be built in 1722 and named after the widowed ruler of Nizam Shah, Rani Kamlapati. This beautiful place is an amazing pre wedding photoshoot location.

pre wedding shoot in bhopal

2. Gohar Mahal -

Built in 1820 by Qudisiya Begum (first female Bhopal Ruler), Gohar Mehal is one of the richest legacies of Bhopal. It is an amazing example of Hindu and Mughal architecture fusion. 

pre wedding shoot bhopal price

3. Bhimbetka Caves -

These rock shelters and caves go up to 243 in numbers. The cave paintings and the overall ancient architecture will truly enhance your shoot. 

pre wedding shoot price in bhopal

4. Upper River & Lower River - 

These two lakes of Bhopal are divided by an overbridge. The upper lake is the bigger and the low lake being the smaller one. This is one of the most sere locations for pre wedding photography in Bhopal. 

best pre wedding photos

5. Raisen Fort -

Located atop a hill, this place is filled with a water reservoir, palaces and temples. Using this 800-year-old fort as a background will give yous some really mesmerizing pictures. 

pre wedding shoot

6. Sanchi -

This Buddhist complex is another great example of a location for pre wedding photography in Bhopal. 

best pre wedding photography packages

7. Udayagiri Caves -

These are 20 rock-cut caves that have been in existence since the years of the 5th century. They contain one of the oldest surviving Hindu temples as well as iconography. 

 best place for photoshoot in bhopal

8. Tribal Museum -

This museum has preserved Bhopal’s rich art and culture. You can visit there if you are planning a pre wedding photography in Bhopal. 

pre wedding photo studio in bhopal

9. Sair Sapata -

Now this one is a little different as it’s an entertainment zone. It is a tourism play park. For fun pictures, you can totally go for this location for your pre wedding photoshoot in Bhopal. 

portfolio studio

10. Van Vihar National Park -

It’s a national park in Bhopal where the animals are kept in their natural habitat. It’s a thrilling yet ideal choice for pre wedding photoshoot.

amazing pre wedding photoshoot

Why choose Portfolio Studio?

Young, passion-driven photographers who are knowledgable and experienced in covering pre weddings photoshoot in Bhopal. Portfolio Studio is an energetic team who have covered weddings and pre wedding shoot across India. With decades of experience in the wedding industry, our photographers have a unique style in capturing the couple at a pre wedding or wedding ceremony. We as professionals believe that every time should be the best ever clicked picture. This is what keeps us inspiring to aim big every day. So, if you are looking for any of the services like wedding photography in Bhopal, pre wedding, destination wedding photography, fashion photography, or cinematography, you must contact us and we will take care of your requirements unconditionally. 

Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Bhopal
best pre wedding photographer in Bhopal
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