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Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow | Pre Wedding Photography Locations

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Ideas for Pre weddings shoot, as it defines itself that it is a photo session that is scheduled months or weeks before the actual wedding day. As there are so many rituals to be fulfilled during the wedding, the couple does not get a personal time to get themselves pictured, which is why a pre wedding photoshoot is scheduled for the couple. At this photo session, a couple who are about to get married, get a personal time to get some pictures captured, and enjoy the time together. Many couples, who keep one counting the days of the wedding do not realize its essence, which is why pre wedding helps couples to realize the essence of those countdown days which every couple should live with happiness and consciousness. 

best photographer in lucknow

Lucknow is a diverse place famous for its cultures and food, the city is of great historical significance in the whole country. The city of Nawabs is a food paradise where you will find delicious Biryani, exotic Kebabs, Street food, kulfi, and whatnot. The historical places in Lucknow and the ancient marvel architecture attract couples from across the world to their elegant and sophisticated style.

Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location in Lucknow -

If you are looking for the best pre wedding photographer in Lucknow then there are some places that you should know about which can offer you pre wedding photography locations. This way you can expect the photographer to shoot in those places. Here is a complete list of the most serene locations in Lucknow where you can have your pre wedding photoshoot.

1. Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara is also known by the name Asfi Mosque. It’s a complex in Lucknow built by Asaf-id-Daula. Its name itself means a big complex. It’s a perfect place to have pre wedding photography in Lucknow.

pre wedding photoshoot locations in lucknow, Imam bara lucknow

2. Kudia Ghat

Kudia Ghar is among the most ancient and sacred places in Lucknow. The beautiful ghat is covered in the sandstone paved platform. The place offers one of the most impressive views. The best part is that you can also enjoy the boat ride here.

pre wedding shoot in lucknow , KURIA GHAT PARK

3. Ambedkar Park

It’s a public park in Gomti Nagar of Lucknow which is also known as Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Prateek Sthal. It is among the top-ranked places in Lucknow that offer a serene view. 

pre wedding shoot locations in lucknow , Ambedkar Park

4. Residency 

Also known by the name British Residency, it’s a group of buildings. You will totally experience the forbidden ancient culture and some really great memories from the past while walking past the Residency. This is a perfect place to have pre wedding photography in Lucknow.

pre wedding photoshoots in lucknow , Residency

5. Gomti Riverfront  

Unlike others, this Gomti Riverfront is a newly constructed park in Lucknow. It is among the most excellent attraction places in Lucknow. This Gomti Riverfront Park is located near the Gomti Nagar Area. You can totally have your Pre Wedding Photoshoot here.

Pre Wedding places in lucknow , Gomti Riverfront  

6. Dilkusha Gardens 

Built-in English Baroque Style, Dilkusha Garden is one of the remains of the eighteenth-century house. While walking through it, you can totally witness the history of Lucknow. It is a perfect place for a photoshoot. 

best pre wedding places in lucknow , Dilkusha Gardens

7. Lohia Park

Lohia Park is named after socialist thinker Dr Ram Manohar Lohia. It is a park that is spread over a land of 80 acres. It offers a beautiful landscape, an artificial lake, a tower, and a walking track. There are all the things you need for a picture-perfect photo shoot. 

Pre Wedding Photographers in Lucknow , LOHIA PARK

8. Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza, in other words, Turkish Date, is basically a gateway built way back in 1784 under the patronage of Nawab Asaf-Ud-daula. The gateway stands sixty feet tall and offers a delightful view for your pre wedding photoshoot in Lucknow. 

best pre wedding photographer in lucknow , Rumi Darwaza

9. Janeshwar Mishra Park 

Janeshwar Mishra Park is another urban park in Gomti Nagar of Lucknow. The park was made in the memoir of late politician Janeshwar Mishra. Even though the park is newly constructed, it is still one of the top attractions of Lucknow. 

wedding photography lucknow , Janeshwar Mishra Park 
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10.Sikandar Bagh

Sikandar Bagh is basically a villa + garden which is enclosed by a fortified wall. This villa was built by the last Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah. This was his summer residence. You can take full advantage of this place by having a pre wedding photoshoot. 

Sikandar Bagh , wedding photography lucknow

Here are a few exclusive styles that you should know before you think of a pre wedding shoot. 

Since there are many pre wedding photoshoot styles that a photographer has to offer his or her clients, but we have compiled some of the best styles that you can try out at your pre wedding photography in Lucknow. 

1. Traditional

No matter how fancy and exquisite new styles tend to be, you will always yearn to click at least one picture in a traditional style that will boost and charm you up. This style will give you the feeling of your ancient cultural heritage and customs. This style should be tried at a place that gives an antique vibe of that particular culture you are dressed up in.

wedding photography lucknow

2. The Glamorous

The stunning partner by your side at an elegant place in a sophisticated dress, this glamorous style is mostly tried at an iconic site with a beautiful landscape view. 

Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow | Portfolio Studio

3. The Thematic

Since every pre wedding shoot has a specific theme, this style is tried when the color code of the couple matches with the ambiance and surroundings. Sports aficionados mostly wear the sports outfit of their favorite player. Those who love badminton can wear a white matching shirt and trousers with a blue cap. This Thematic shoot can be carried out at a badminton court along with rackets and shuttles. The Thematic style is more of fun where most of the candid shots are captured. 

best pre wedding lucknow photohgraphy

4. Casual 

Simplicity is the best. It gives a natural and feeling to the picture. Unlike Glamours, this is a casual idea where the couple is dressed in casuals and pictured in a modest approach. 

best pre wedding photohgraphy in Lucknow

Why choose Portfolio Studio? 

Portfolio Studio is a team of young professionals who are well trained and highly experienced in various genres of photography. Portfolio Studio is a team of passion-driven photographers who are highly regarded for providing services like destination wedding photography, pre wedding photography in Lucknow, candid wedding photography, fashion photography, cinematography, and so on. The versatile team of highly energetic professionals aims at capturing the best of their abilities and gives the best photo album to the couple who can relive the memories captured in the pictures. We are regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow. For us, every photo shoot has a unique story to deliver, and we at Portfolio Studio endeavor at capturing and unraveling that particular story of the couple. So, if you want us to cover your story, then contact us for more details. We may have the best pre wedding photoshoot ideas for you.

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