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How To Plan a Pre Wedding Shoot During Pandemic | Portfolio Studio

It feels like it was just yesterday when we used to scroll through our social media feed and come across pictures of Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot, in which the to be married soon couple playfully posed in front of beautiful backdrops as they were dressed to impress. It was a common trend for the to-be bride to adorn a long flowy gown in vibrant colours while the to-be groom was dressed in a gentleman’s tuxedo. While the couple poses in front of their photographer, the photographer hunts for the perfect moment, the moment the light is perfect and where the breeze creates an aesthetically pleasing sight with the bride’s flowy gown and hair and captures it, the result - a breathtaking photo.

How to plan a pre wedding shoot during covid

Pre-wedding photoshoots are essential for the couple to bond with each other right before they are taken aback by tiring wedding preparations one after the other. In our country “arranged marriages” are a pretty common phenomenon to witness, this makes it all the more important for couples to have a pre-wedding photoshoot. Pre wedding photoshoots not only gives the couple some time to be left alone from their families but is also important to break any physical barriers between the two strangers who are about to get into a commitment with each other for the rest of their lives, or as it is said in good faith for the next 7 lifespans. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, many couples decided to postpone their weddings, this is the reason all those beautiful Pre-wedding photoshoot pictures stopped appearing on our explore pages. But as the deadly virus is slowly losing hold of its clutches from our country, wedding bells are chiming everywhere!

Here are a few tips to plan a pre-wedding shoot during the pandemic:

1. Don’t travel:

pre wedding shoot in pandemic

The last thing that you want to do right now is fall sick, travelling increases the chances of you falling ill due to the change of external conditions. Try to find a good location within close proximity, you do not need to have a waterfall or a scenic backdrop to have a stunning photo shoot, a good photographer can work with any backdrop to produce stunning images. A few stunning locations around you would be to visit your local market with flower sellers around, visit a nearby park and the best option is to have the shoot in your own house.

2. Facetime- the new photoshoot medium 

how to plan pre wedding shoot in pandemic

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With the lockdown, photographers were not able to travel and physically be present to have photoshoots so something that they innovatively came up with is to have photoshoots over facetime! The most amusing part is that you can do this with your photographer in the convenience of your own house. These photoshoots are quick, efficient and give stunning results, using facetime photoshoots for a pre-wedding photoshoot seems to be the safest way couples can get the shoot done.

3. Safety comes first 

planning pre wedding shoot in pandemic

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It takes a lot of time and effort to have a pre-wedding shoot, couples need to make sure that they are equipped with all the precautionary measures to battle the coronavirus, masks on their faces and sanitizing every now and then between shoots is an absolute must. 

If you are on the lookout for a photographer to have your pre-wedding photoshoot then look no more, portfolio studio has you covered. With more than two decades of experience, we have come up with innovative solutions to have a safe and exquisite pre-wedding photoshoot just for you! Having dome photoshoots in more than 15 locations across the country, we have mastered the art of pre-wedding photography and can promise to give you the best pre-wedding photoshoot. Have a look at our portfolio and contact us for more information or to book your pre-wedding photoshoot right now!

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