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5 Unique Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas For The Lovely Couple

Pre wedding photoshoots are a fun way of getting some memorable pictures before D day. The trend of pre wedding keeps on rising as more couples are opting for unique ways to get captured to post on social media and fill the album with awesome pictures. 

So, if you have decided to go for a pre wedding photoshoot and want to get some unique ideas then you can totally check out the ones mentioned below. They will inspire you to have a cool pre wedding photoshoot so that you can have pictures that you can cherish forever.


Unique Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas


1. The Night Sky

Most of the time, couples get so caught up in the photoshoot and try to complete it in the day time that they forget how beautiful the night sky can be. Having a pre wedding photoshoot at night can truly give you some amazing mesmerizing. Whether it is completely dark or sunset, you can take advantage of the shadows and get unique pictures clicked like the ones shown below. 

Unique Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas
Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas


2. On a drive

Do you know what’s a cool pre wedding photoshoot idea? Having a shoot while driving a vintage car. Yes, vintages looking cars can really add perspective to your pictures and make them even more appealing. 

There are a number of cars that you can find for a photoshoot that you can book and have a photoshoot where you can pose in different ways. Take examples from these. 

pre wedding couple


3. The Twirl

This is another amazing pre wedding photoshoot idea that you can follow. The twirl shot is where the girl twirls and dances around while the guy looks at her with love. These kinds of shots are supposed to be candid since there’s very little posing. All you have to do is be in the zone. You can run around, dance, or have fun in general. This can help the photographer in capturing some candid moments. 

best pre wedding
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4. The Getaway

These kinds of shots are very cozy and you can have fun at such photoshoots. Imagine having a bonfire in a beautiful spot at night all curled up. Such shots are also memorable and you would love to remember them again and again. So, it’s better to have some pretty pictures like that. It will make up for your unique pre wedding photoshoot. 

pre wedding photographer in bhopal


5. Be Candid

As we said in the thirst point that candid shots are important if you want good pictures. You don’t have to pose “pose” all the time. You can just go with the flow and do things that you usually enjoy doing together. This way, you can get great pre wedding pictures for your album. 


Now that you know about 5 unique pose ideas, you can have the perfect pre wedding photoshoot that you always wanted. But if you are looking for the best photographer to do your pre wedding photoshoot then you can book your shoot with Portfolio Studios. We are a team of professional photographers who can provide you with the best pre wedding photography services. We have covered over 8000 weddings and can guarantee you that we can deliver the best pre wedding and wedding album to you. 


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