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Top 5 Pre Wedding Location In Delhi | Portfolio Studio

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We all know how religiously couples take their pre wedding photography nowadays. And why shouldn't they? It is the best time for them to know each other better and also get some amazing pictures of their beautiful time together. And as these pre wedding shoots are such important events, couples do everything in their power to make it special.

Couple's ask us all the time, how can they make their pre wedding shoot more memorable and we always have the same answer, choose a great venue.

Hence if you are a couple who is looking forward to a pre wedding shoot and has till to choose a location, the following are some of the best pre wedding shoot locations in Delhi:


1. Humayun's Tomb

We all are familiar with this location. The place is so mesmerising that it is not a surprise that most couples choose this as their Pre wedding shoot Location. If you want to have your Pre wedding shoot with an amazing Mughal backdrop then no place is better than Humayun's Tomb.

best places for pre wedding shoot in delhi

pre wedding at humayun tomb delhi

2. Lodhi Gardens

Speaking of popular pre wedding shoot locations, this is the one that surely makes the list. The place is so much popular for these shoots due to the fact that it has the blend of all the three nature, architecture and open spaces. So if you are looking for a 15th-century building to be in the background of your pre wedding shoot then this is the location for you.

pre wedding photoshoot location in delhi
pre wedding shoot at lodhi garden

3. Hauz Khas Fort and Lake

We all know the Hauz Khas Fort and that people love to go there for their pre wedding shoots. One can also say that this is one of the most happening places in Delhi, and this is the reason couples get their pre wedding shoots at Hauz Khas as they are looking for a similar happening vibe for the shoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations in delhi
best pre wedding shoot at Hauz Khas Fort
4. Lodhi Art District

This place is also in the running for "the most happening places in Delhi". Lodhi Art District has rapidly gained popularity. Just like Hauz Khas Village, people love to come here with their friends and this has led to its reputation. So if you are looking for a funky and colourful backdrop then Lodhi Art District is the best location for your Pre wedding shoot.

best pre wedding shoot location in delhi
pre wedding photoshoot at Lodhi Art District

5. Champa Gali

We all are familiar with the place as we either already have been or planning to go there with friends on a weekend. The place has the perfect ambience for a pre wedding shoot. With the lights, colours and the lively vibe, it is surely going to be difficult for you to find a better pre wedding shoot location than this.

best pre wedding shoot in delhi
pre wedding photoshoot Champa Gali

So, these were some of the best options that Delhi people have for their pre wedding shoot, either it is candid wedding photography or another occasion. And if you are looking for Ideas, Inspiration or even photographers who can execute your pre wedding shoot perfectly, then go to our website at Portfolio Studio.

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