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Role Of A Photographer at Weddings | Portfolio Studio

A small little girl sat at the edge of a huge bed at her grandparent’s house, she sat there with a giant book of pictures in her hands as it was the only book that she could understand at that time. Her grandmother sat beside her looking at those pictures with a smile on her face.

Role of a photographer at weddings

 “Who is this beautiful girl?” the small girl questioned as she pointed her small little fingers onto a youthful young woman in her bridal attire. “That my sweetie was me in my early 20s, and the handsome young gentleman standing next me is your grandfather.” her grandmother replied with a loving voice. 

The giant book of pictures in the little girl’s lap was her grandparent’s wedding album.

Role of a photographer at weddings

A wedding is the most important event of anyone’s life, it’s a milestone that one reaches to have their world completely change from what it was before. It’s all fun and celebratory to live in this moment and make the most out of it, however, nothing is forever. The flowers wilt, decorations come down, food gets digested, jewellery goes back into bank lockers, families and friends depart and all those wedding outfits that you previously selected with a keen eye end up being neatly folded and put inside a dark corner of a closet never to be touched again. The only thing that is timeless and shall remain with you forever to reminisce this day is a handful of memories and a beautiful wedding album. 

role of a photographer

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Wedding photography is not just about clicking pictures of the bride and groom, Clicking good pictures of the couple is surely an important role that a Wedding Photographer has to accomplish there’s but there’s just so much more to this iceberg than what is visible on the surface.

Here are a few more roles that wedding photographers perform:

1. Deciding the Poses 

role of a aphotographer at weddings

A skilled wedding photographer will not just pick his camera up and start clicking pictures, he directs the people in the frame to come up with a stunning picture. It’s only once in a lifetime that couples get to experience having a wedding photoshoot, it might be the first time they are facing a professional photographer leading to them posing awkwardly or not being comfortable, it is the role of the photography to guide people within the radar of his viewfinder to set the perfect scene for the picture. 

2. Capturing Beautiful Candids

Role of a photographer in wedding

Candid photography has now become quite trendy and popular in the niche of wedding photography. People prefer to see pictures that convey their real emotions over the ones that are staged. A good wedding photographer has to be able to gauge the situation, and an eagles eye to look for precious moments and must have fast reflexes to capture it in time. It is important that the photographer does all this without causing any interruption between auspicious rituals taking place. 

We at Portfolio studio have become pioneers of Indian Wedding Photography by having more than two decades of experience. With more than 4250 happy couples smile at our camera, we have covered several weddings across the stretch of  India. Our unique style revolved around capturing you at your best and real moments. With experience, we have mastered the skill of making the most out of any background and make you stand out. Have a look at our portfolio as our work speaks for itself. For more information feel free to reach out to us we would be ecstatic to immortalise this day for you.

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