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Why You Should Definitely Go For Destination Wedding Photography?

With rapidly changing times and more and more couples trying out the trends of the wedding industry, it is becoming a mandate for them to go for destination wedding shoots. Now with the lockdown across the country and the threat of a pandemic, couples have put their wedding plans on hold. 

While it may not be a good idea to have an international wedding but with the right precautions, one can go for destination wedding photography within the country once things get back to normal. Now if you are looking for solid reasons as to why you should definitely go for destination wedding photography then here are a few things you can consider.


Reasons To Go For Destination Wedding Photography


1. It is like a mini-vacation
Do you like going out for a vacation with all your friends? Well, think of a destination wedding like that and enjoy it with your friends while getting clicked with them by a professional. Here is an example of one such photoshoot that you can have with your friends. 


2. Serine location = Better pictures
When it comes to a photoshoot, nothing can beat a serine location. You can click thousands of pictures in a closed venue but one good shot on a beach can outweigh all of them. That is the power of destination wedding photography. You will literally remember the shoot all your life. 


3. Pre wedding bonus
The best part about a destination wedding is that you can use the location to have some great pre wedding photos. You can try out with different themes and poses that you might have dreamt of but would be too awkward in front of the guests. So, arrange a pre wedding photography at the destination you are marrying a day or week before the wedding day. You certainly won’t regret it. 


4. A Happy Mood
Being at a beautiful destination instantly lifts the mood. So, when you go for destination wedding photography, you are actually investing in happy pictures that will become memories of a lifetime. So, if you are looking for a reason to have a destination wedding photoshoot, you might want to take a look at some of these pictures that will convince you to have a destination shoot. 



5. Once in a lifetime moment
Weddings are supposed to be a one-time event. So it is important to make the day memorable. One can do that by having a destination wedding. You can have the pictures you want, the people you want, and the vibe. So, it’s all about capturing it and creating an album that you can savor for a lifetime. 

If you are convinced about going for a destination wedding then you can book the perfect wedding photographer with us at Portfolio Studio. We are a team of professionals who believe in capturing the story of love. Our photographers are experienced in destination photoshoots. Looking for the best wedding photographer? Book your photoshoot with Portfolio Studio now. 



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