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Shubham and Aakriti || Wedding Shoot || Portfolio Studio


Wedding Shoot

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, "That match is made in heaven"? Well, that is something that we thought when we met Shubham and Aakriti. The couple reached out to us for their Wedding Photography.


The whole wedding phase started with a joyous Haldi ceremony. At events like these, a photographer can really capture people's emotions with the help of his/her camera and that is something we also did.

After the colorful Haldi ceremony, came the wedding. However, before the wedding, Aakriti wanted a bridal shoot as she wanted to undergo the whole wedding photography experience. We made her bridal shoot as trendy and fashionable as we could. We got all the important shots of a bridal shoot like, "the getting ready" and "looking in the mirror" shot.


We did an innovative wedding shoot for Shubham and Aakriti. The decor made out of red flowers made the wedding even prettier. Both Shubham and Aakriti looked lovely when they were sitting on the stage together. The wedding even had fireworks for the moment Shubham and Aakriti cut the cake. Everyone at the wedding was very happy, especially the bride and the groom. 

You can also check out the Full Event. And if you liked this wedding photoshoot, you should see the other weddings that we have covered recently at Portfolio Studio

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