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Significance Of Haldi Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Weddings are one of the most sacred and the most awaited events in our lives. It is the greatest day when a person marries someone who he loves or wants to love and spend the rest of their life with each other. Indian Weddings are quite famous for their exuberance, loudness, and culture. However, what makes and Indian weddings the most beautiful is its celebration and the rituals performed during the wedding ceremony, which can go on for several days.

Haldi Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Every ritual in Indian weddings are very significant and there are a lot of important rituals that are performed pre, post and during the main wedding ceremonies. 

bridal haldi look

Haldi ceremony is one of the most beautiful ceremonies that is performed on the morning of the actual-day wedding ceremony except in some cultures where it is performed a day prior to the wedding day. This ceremony is super fun and overwhelming and a bit emotional. Haldi holds quite a significance in Hindu cultures and traditions from ancient texts and scriptures as well. 

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Haldi In Indian Wedding

This vibrant ceremony is performed at both the bride’s and at the groom’s place, wherein Haldi paste is applied to their body. This ceremony is also called by ubtan, tel Baan, mandha, etc in different cultures.

haldi wedding ceremony

Traditionally, people make Haldi paste using Haldi and sandalwood powder and milk, some use rose water, depending on their family customs. This paste is applied on the body of the bride and groom on their face, neck, hands and feet by their family members and their dear ones. 

traditional haldi ceremony

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There are several reasons why the Haldi ceremony is performed in Indian weddings, here are we are listing some important ones.


1. To Get Rid Of An Evil Eye (Buri Nazar)

To protect the bride and the groom from the evil’s eye, the Haldi ceremony is performed. It is said to ward of evil spirits that might affect the couple. Due to this reason, the couple is not allowed to leave their respective homes after the Haldi ceremony until the wedding mahurat.

Some families aslo tie the couple a red sacred thread or amulet to protect them from buri nazar.

turmeric ceremony indian wedding

2. Haldi Is Antiseptic

Turmeric is famous for its medicinal properties and for being antiseptic. On applying to the body of the bride and the groom before the marriage ensures that the couple is gifted with blemish-free skin and also ensure are protected from any bruises, cuts, or ailments before their most awaited ceremony. 

haldi ceremony for groom

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3. It Is Auspicious 

The color of Halid is yellow, which holds great importance in Indian weddings. The sacredness of this color drives the couple to the life of happiness and prosperity. This is the reason most of the couples wear yellow even on the day of their wedding.

haldi ceremony in hindu wedding

4. For A Perfect Glow

No doubt that turmeric is good for the skin. It gives an extra-glow to our face when applied. So, to make the couple look perfectly handsome and beautiful on their wonderful day, this ceremony is performed. There are other several reasons such as it purifies the body, the start of the wedding day, a new beginning, blesses those who are yet to get the perfect match, and so on. 

So if you are someone who is looking for their Haldi Ceremony, then you should definitely keep the above points in mind. And if you liked this blog and want to read more such content, you can go to our website Portfolio Studio.

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