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Things Not To Ask A Photographer

No matter how amazing the profession of photography is, there are times when people raise questions. Questions such as, “Yeah you are a photographer, but what’s your actual job?” or “Why are you using this camera instead of that camera?” are generally faced by me and many other photographers. 

Photography is not the glamorous profession they say it is. Sure it comes with its own benefits and you love the majority of the work that you do but it also has some not-so-major downsides. The most common and popular ones of them all are the questions that you face on a daily basis. 

Things Not To Ask A Photographer

Being a photographer, we are supposed to fulfill the clients’ expectations but when they get outrageously crazy or impossible to do, there the problem occurs for both the photographer and the client. So, to keep your photography session smooth, there are some questions you can avoid asking your photographer.

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“Can you see this photo? I want a picture exactly like this”

This is a commonly asked question. Now people should understand that being in the artist profession requires one to create unique art. Copying somebody else’s work is not only disrespectful but it also creates conflict with the photographer of that particular picture. But if you have suggestions, then we can surely work on it and come up with something tasteful. 


“Can you send the photos after a day of the event?”

No, we can not. It takes time to process pictures from a camera and then we have to upload them all and show you the raw file so that you can make the selection. After that, we retouch those pictures and then deliver you the final album. Even if the selection part is not there, the delivery time can be anywhere between 1 week to 2 weeks.


 “Why are you charging so much when all you do is click a button?”

Well for starters, photography is about capturing a photo that you imagine in your head. Without imagination, creativity, skills, and experience, one can’t click a good picture. Those who want good pictures spend thousands, if not millions because photography is about creating timeless memories rather than clicking random pictures for money. 


“Can you click my picture for free? I’ll promote you on Instagram”

This one is something that we commonly face in today’s age of Instagram Celebrities and social media promotions. People come up to us and ask for free pictures in exchange for an Instagram Shoutout. If I get a dollar for every time someone asks me this, I won’t have to work anymore. 


"I don’t want these pictures. Can I get some money back?”

No, you can not. There’s a reason why I ask you to sign a waiver that says you have to pay for a certain number of pictures. It’s the hours and effort you are paying for and not just the pictures. I and all the other photographers have spent so many hours furnishing our photography skills and gain experience so no you cannot have your money back once we have delivered your pictures. 

Those were 5 things you must never ask your photographer. If you want to know more about wedding photographer and photography and also want to book a photographer, you can contact Portfolio Studio. We are a team of professional photographers who can help you capture your memories the way it should be.

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