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5 Tips For Having Beautiful Candid Wedding Photographs

Candid Photographs are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. While it was just a casual trend before, it has now gained popularity in the formal realm. Especially in weddings, couples now long to be captured in a beautiful candid picture. Infact, there are now photographers who claim to expertise in the field of candid photography. And nonetheless, the hype is well deserved. Candid pictures have a beauty so unique that it cannot be compared to the ones we pose for. However, getting a good candid picture is as tough as Joey Tribbiani sharing his food (and we all know just how difficult that was). And what makes it even tougher is when you are in a wedding setting. And therefore, we have compiled below a few tips that would help you get amazing candid pictures.

1. Be Natural

tips for candid wedding photography

The first rule for a candid picture is to be natural. This goes for the Wedding Photographer as well as the one being photographed. It’s up to the photographer to create an air of ease for the one being photographed. And the best way for people to get an exotic candid picture is to completely forget about the presence of a camera.

2. Be Mindful of the Flash

candid wedding photography tips

There couldn’t be a way better than the flash to kill the candid vibe. Ofcourse, there might be times when using a flash would be absolutely necessary, but when not, keep it off. As a wedding photographer, inform the clients in advance about the kinds of lights that’ll help with better pictures.

3. Make use of Burst mode

tips for candid wedding photos

Did you ever miss a good candid picture just by a few seconds? Well, with burst mode, you won’t. Weddings are places where a special, picture perfect moment, could occur any time. And hence, every photographer should be ready with his burst mode, so that he can capture a series of pictures quickly. This also ensures that you have multiple pictures of a moment, so in case you don’t like one, you have many others to choose from.

4. Be Discreet

tips for candid wedding pictures

As a photographer, being seen, might not always be a great thing. In order to get candid pictures, a wedding photographer should take pictures without being seen, this keeps the focus off the fact that they are being photographed. This creates a natural environment and hence, allows the photographer to take natural pictures. To be discreet, it would be advisable for the photographer to keep his camera on silent shooting mode and take pictures using a long lens.

5. Keep your Subjects engaged

candid wedding pictures tips

As a photographer, the best way to get a series of candid pictures, is by engaging the audience. It's much easier to take candid pictures by eliciting a friendly vibe rather than a more stringent professional vibe.

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