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7 Tips for Portrait Photography That Every Photographer Should Know || Portfolio Studio

If we try to define it in words, then it is a practice of capturing the essential characteristics of your subject in wedding photography. It is one of the most popular photography styles which continues to grow. 

This sort of photography is mainly concerned with capturing close up shots of the subject. This photography style can range from very simple to some artistic photos. The photos taken in these shoots are mostly suitable for profile images for various platforms. 

But portrait photography is no child's play. A photographer needs years of experience and skill to pull off a shoot like this flawlessly. And if you are here, you are among some of the photographers who are searching for tips to step up your Portrait Photography Game. And that is what we are here to do. We at Portfolio Studio have been doing portrait photography for some time now and have cracked the formula for conducting a seamless and perfect portrait photoshoot.


And we are going to share with you what we have learned through the course of our experience:


Select A Background

As portrait photography is all about close up shots, one other thing that is in the picture along the subject is the background. And the photographer needs to make the best use of the background. Always choose a background that is smooth and non-distracting because you want the main focus to be on your subject. However, choosing a plain background is also a no go. So choose a wall or a fence that is neither too plain nor too distracting.

Portrait Photography images


Ready the subject for the shoot.

Readying your subject doesn't always mean makeup. Your subject has to be happy, relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. That is the only way the subject can look its best.

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Help The Subject With The Poses

Make sure that your subject is still relaxed and comfortable. And to get photos to look perfect, you need to guide your subject throughout the photoshoot. You don't need to overwhelm them with complicated directions. Just give them instructions like “Straighten your back,” "Raise your chin a little,” or “Now look at me.”
portrait photography

Set the Exposure

Photography is an artistic field and has no particular set of rules. Hence it is not always about the subject is well lit. Sometimes the photo looks better when the subject is a little underexposed or a little overexposed. So choose and exposure that fits your photo best.
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Use The Correct Focal Length

The best lenses for these portrait shots are prime lenses and they have a fixed focal length. So there is not much you can do in that. But if you are using a lens with a variable focal length then make sure that your final image isn't distorted.
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Blur The Background

Prime lenses do a good job of blurring the background. But if you are not using a lens with a wide aperture then you'll have to use your camera in the aperture priority mode to use the lowest f/ stop number that the lens has.
Portrait Photography ideas

Get Your Focus Right

There may not be a lot of rules in photography but here is one that you need to follow: Always focus on the subject's eye that is closer to you.
Portrait Photography tips
We at Portfolio Studio hope that these tips helped you to make your photoshoot better and also help you meet your clients' expectations. We also have done a lot of portrait shoots, pre-wedding photography and if you want to check them out for inspiration you can go to best wedding photographer Portfolio Studio.

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