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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Indian Wedding Isn't Boring

Indian weddings are a sight to behold. The celebration, festivities, mouth-watering delicacies, intricate outfits, and pompous colourful decor are such a marvel to witness that people can never forget a good Indian wedding even after days and months together. 

ideas to make sure your wedding isn't interesting

Although Indian weddings are extremely fun on their own due to their intensive and significant pre-wedding rituals like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Barat, etc you can definitely make your wedding more fun and stand out by spicing things up. With age-old traditions being followed by everyone in the country, every wedding has the same old traditions and rituals leaving scope for it to become boring. With your wedding being the most important event of your life, the last thing you want is that it is boring. 

tips to make your wedding interesting

In order to make your wedding memorable, you need to make sure that it is fun, full of excitement and laughter. Portfolio studio brings to you 5 tips to make sure your Indian wedding isn't boring so that you can have the perfect wedding.  

1. Set a theme for your wedding

As simple as it sounds, having a themed wedding can really make it fun and exciting not only for the couple but also for the guests. A few suggestions for themes include royal theme, nawab theme, color-coded theme, decor in particular flowers, retro and the theme of the era (the 90s,80s, etc)

make sure your Indian wedding isn't boring

In case you are sceptical about having a theme for the whole wedding, you can probably do this for any particular pre-wedding ritual or post-wedding party. 

2. Blast some good music

Whenever there’s an Indian wedding, there’s a lot of dancing. From uncles and aunties doing their bhangra and swaying to the music, cousins putting on an energetic show to the couple swindling around to romantic songs Indian weddings have it all. We value this form of entertainment so much that we have a dedicated day called the sangeet just for this! 

tips to avoid your wedding getting boring

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So make sure you pay attention to selecting a good Dj for all your pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals/ parties. Having a choreographer to set up amazing dance performances from family and friends will just make this day even more perfect. 

3. Play games and have fun 

Games are the go-to to have fun at any party or occasion, so why not implement the same on your special day? 

Avoid getting your wedding boring

Games like Charades, Antakshari, Pictionary, and musical chairs can be easily slipped between tedious ceremonies to lighten the mood and create some everlasting fun memories. 

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4. Post-wedding cocktail night 

We often see receptions to be a part of our ceremonies at our weddings. Cocktail parties after the marriage are done allows the couple to spend their first-day post-marriage with their loved ones discussing and remembering the fond moments of their wedding. Since cocktail parties are fairly a new concept in our culture, this is sure to turn heads and make your wedding stand out. 

tips to make your wedding interesting

Besides, think of all the amazing formal outfits the newlywed couple can wear! 

5. Have a pre-wedding photoshoot 

Pre Wedding photoshoots are simply pure bliss for any couple. Getting stunning pictures clicked in front of mesmerising backdrops? Who wouldn’t want that? 

how to make your wedding interesting

Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot are not only fun for the couple but also helps in their bonding. Barriers of physical touch and mental connection come over as the couple playfully poses in front of a camera. The best part is that you get plenty of mesmerizing pictures to post on your social media!

These are just a few of the many things you can do to make your wedding interesting. While you go ahead, live in the moment and do all these fun activities, we at portfolio studio can immortalize these memories for you with the magic of our cameras. With more than two decades of experience, we are one of the best wedding photographers. Contact us to book your wedding photoshoot right now, we would be more than happy to capture your special moments and immortalize them.

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