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The Top Bachelorette Trends of 2021 | Portfolio Studio



If you’re the bride’s closest friend, bride, or bridesmaid looking to organize a bachelorette party for all the gal pals, then you’ve come to the right place. We help you with some of the interesting suggestions and trends of 2021 that you can’t ignore.

Let’s tell you that it is not that difficult to organize the most joyful and memorable party with maximum fun. Today, Portfolio Studio share with you some of the top bachelorette trends of 2021 that you can’t ignore. These trends are worth considering even if you are a little tight on your budget. 


1. Staying In A House

One of the most increasing trends in organizing a Bachelorette Party is to stay in a house rather than a hotel room or a block of the hotel. This not only cuts down your costs but allows room for other activities. This is the most preferred place for most of the bachelorette parties where girls like to have a personal space and at the same time have the maximum fun. Plus the house is a perfect place to consider having DIY activities such as practicing yoga and having a spa. 


2. Sail Before The Vail

Your best friend’s wedding is fast approaching! Make sure you have the most memorable bachelorette party with the bride-to-be and the girl squad. If the bride-to-be loves everything nautical, then sailing before the veil is the perfect trend for her. 

A toast on the boat is the perfect way to start your Bachelorette Party, and the whole girl squad can enjoy a lovely cruise to celebrate their friend’s much-awaited day.


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3. Party Bus

Keep driving to the places you love and don’t stop enjoying until you’re tired. Do you want your bachelorette party to be unique in 2021? Create a unique experience for yourself and for your gal pals on a party bus. Make your own rules, ferry to your favorite destination, and rock the journey. This way you can have the most fun full time with your friends. 


4. Create A Signature Party Drink

One of the hottest bachelorette party trends is having a signature cocktail. Whether you whip one up for the pre-game or throw it together for an at-home bash, creating a signature drink for the party is a surefire (and easy) way to wow your guests. Start by taking the Bride's favorite and adding your own spin. Bonus points if you come up with a clever name!

This is one of the most growing trends for bachelorette parties, where you have a unique party drink. Whether you want to have it for your “never have I ever” game or for bunking together at a house, creating a signature drink is the cool way to wow your friends. Don’t forget to give it a cool name. 

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5. Hire A Professional Photographer

To get to posing at your Bachelorette Party with your friends at your favorite destination, you need to hire a professional photographer who has the required expertise and the relevant experience to shoot your candid images. You can hire a Best Wedding Photographer who might also be the bride’s photographer on the wedding day. This way you’ll get to know more about the photographer, his/her style and also understand how you want your wedding covered.


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