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6 Ultimate Moments to Capture On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are among the most eventful days when all your friends and family come together to celebrate and become a part of your joy. Wherever you look, people are having fun and there’s something or the other is happening that is worth capturing. 

So, if you are hiring a good photographer to capture your wedding, you’d want all those moments captured that hold importance in your life. One thing is sure that the photographer won’t be able to capture everything. But you can always go for the ones that are truly important to you. So, here is a list of 6 ultimate moments that you can get captured on your wedding day. 


1. Getting Ready Shots
Not only are they in trend but they also make up for some amazing memories. While getting ready for the wedding, there’s so much that goes inside the mind. All the nervousness, excitement, and happiness, all in one frame can truly give you pictures that will surely help you cherish those moments in the future and give you the butterflies in your stomach. 

6 ultimate Moments to Capture On Your Wedding Day
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2. The Bride’s entrance
When the bride appears during the wedding all dressed up and walks towards the wedding stage, the moment itself is so beautiful. The bride is surrounded by the brothers and close ones. That overwhelming moment sure makes up for some amazing memories that one can get captured in the frame. So, if you are looking for important moments during the wedding that you want to be captured, don’t miss out on this one. 

bridal entry photoshoot

3. The Dance performance
If it’s a wedding, there’s no way one won’t dance. From Bride and Groom to distant relatives, all come together to shake a leg to enjoy the wedding day. The beautiful moments can help a photographer get candid pictures. Such kinds of shots are amazing as everybody is smiling and laughing and having fun. So, make sure to keep them in your list of top 6 shots. 

best wedding dance performance

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4. The family dining
After a few ceremonies, there comes a time when the families of both bride and groom sit together on the dining table and have dinner or lunch depending on the time of the day. This is the time when everyone catches up and talks about different things. This is the time of bonding and taking a break from all the wedding rituals. So, one can get such a moment captured on the wedding day when all the closed ones are together. 

5. Venue
Among all the pictures, don’t forget about capturing pictures of the entire venue. Your wedding venue is as important as the moments spent there. You will be remembering it for years to come. So, don’t let your memories fade away. Make sure that you get your wedding venue captured as a part of your wedding moments. 

best venue photography

6. The Emotions
Lastly, don’t miss out on the emotional moments. There will be plenty of moments during the wedding that can leave you with joy, or tears. One of the best examples is ‘bidai’ when the parents give final blessings to their daughter and their goodbyes to her before she starts a new journey in her life. 

dulhan vidai moment

Now, if you are looking for a wedding photographer who can capture the best moments during your wedding then you can book your photoshoot with the portfolio studios. We are among the top photographers in the country who have covered over 8000 weddings across 12 countries. We can guarantee you that you will truly love and cherish the album that we will create for you, for a lifetime.

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