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Vidaai Ceremony in Indian Weddings | All About The Rituals

Ever shed a tear in an intense, dramatic, bittersweet scene at the end of a movie that has an unexplored sequel to it? Vidaai is that moment in every Indian wedding. Vidaai- the term literally translates to “Goodbye” in English and as the word suggests it is a parting ritual that is followed at the end of a wedding. Although this ritual is celebrated with laughter and joy in western cultures where the bride throws her bouquet, hops into her groom’s car as both of them drive into the setting sun hoping to have a happy marriage life, the Indian rendition of it is more of a rollercoaster of emotions.

Bidaai Ceremony in Indian Weddings

The reason for this tradition to be a bittersweet one goes back to the moment a lovely girl is born into the family. Right from the inception of her life, Indian norms and values deem her to be “Paraya dhan” which means that she is someone else’s treasure. Parents watch their loving daughter grow up year after another finding it tough to swallow the bitter truth that soon they will have to see the apple of their eyes become someone else’s, although these are just old norms and might not make sense in today’s progressive times, these emotions are deep-seated in our hearts and continue to cause an uproar of emotions. 

Vidaai ceremony in Indian weddings

The Vidaai ritual is usually done right after the “Saath phere” where the bride and groom take holy marital vows in the presence of fire as a holy deity. During the Vidaai ceremony, the bride walks at the front while her parents and loved ones walk behind her leading her towards the exit of the house. Rice and wheat are often viewed as prosperity and wealth according to Indian mythology, As the bride walks away from her house hand in hand with her newlywed husband, she tosses 3 handfuls of rice or wheat with coins in them overhead as a symbolic representation of paying back her parents for everything they have done for her before stepping out of the house. Parents and other members of her family catch this with their open arms. 

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Vidaai Ceremony in Indian Weddings

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Since females are considered to be the manifestation of Goddess Laxmi - the Indian deity of wealth and prosperity, by tossing rice/ wheat the bride also symbolise that even though she is leaving her parents house (maayka), she is leaving behind wealth, prosperity and joy in every corner of the house. The last part of the ritual includes the bride’s father stepping forth and giving the hand of his daughter into the groom’s hand signifying that she is now his responsibility and that he must provide her with equal, if not more love and support that she got from her beloved father. The bride gets into the groom’s car to depart to a new life while her brothers push the car forward to show their approval and accelerate her into this new life of hers.

The whole experience is a conflicting one, while on one hand everyone smiles and showers the bride with wishes and prayers to have an amazing marriage, on the other hand, they are sad to see off their princess. While they feel anxious to let go of their little laughter hands and give it to someone else, they also feel pride and immense happiness to see what a wonderful woman their little girl has grown up into. With the Vidaai ceremony completed a chapter closes and a new chapter opens up in the bride’s life. 

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