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6 Best Wedding Couple Poses for 2020 Photoshoot

Each and every couple wants their wedding photography to be perfect. And there are a lot of aspects that make such a wedding shoot great. First of all, there is the overall ambiance and the decor of the place that works as a background for people. But among all things, the most important aspect for a wedding shoot to look amazing is for the couple to be confident in front of the camera.

And a lot of people find it difficult as they become all nervous in front of the camera. But we here at Portfolio Studio are here with some inspirations for you to try for your wedding photography. 

Hence, the following are 6 Best Wedding Couple Poses for 2020 Photoshoot:


1. The Varmala Moment

Best Wedding Couple Poses for 2020

This is where all the wedding rituals conclude and the bride and groom go for the Varmala Ceremony. This moment marks the official beginning of the journey that the couple starts as husband and wife. So, it is essential for you to capture this Wedding Couple Pose.

2. The Happy Glance

indian wedding couple poses photos 2020

This might be one of the most popular Wedding Couple Poses. This is the pose that you see at each and every wedding, but we are not complaining. This is such an intimate and happy moment between the couple that it just looks heartwarming.

3. Hold the loved one from the back

indian wedding couple poses

This is also one of the great Wedding Couple Poses. People always find innovative ways to execute this. You have to look for a great background for this picture, as there is a lot of empty space if we look away from the couple.

4. The Slow Dance Movement

Best Wedding Couple Poses for 2020

This is clearly one of the best highlights of the wedding. This is done after the wedding ceremony, the photographer borrows the couple for a few minutes so that he/she can capture some amazing couple portrait shots. And this is the best time to try out something like this.

5. The Bride's Twirl

Best Wedding Couple Poses for 2020

Another popular Wedding Couple Poses inspirations that you should definitely give a shot. No matter how old the idea is, as long as it is captivating you should give it a shot. 

6. The Photo Frame

Wedding Couple Poses for 2020

This is something you can try to depict your modern Instagram love story, You can also use hashtags combining your names so that you could see all your photos in one place.

So if you are someone who is looking for inspirations for their Wedding Couple Poses, then you should definitely try the ones above. And if you liked this blog and want to read more such content, you can go to our website Portfolio Studio.

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