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5 Wedding Photography Ideas for An Awesome Shot List

Are you planning a grand wedding? Then why not have a grand photo album that can do justice to your wedding. When it comes to wedding photography, a lot of times, the couple depends entirely on the photographer for ideas. 

But if you want a good wedding photo album, you have to put some effort into it. You have to be prepared for your wedding photography. You can bring your own ideas to the table while hiring your wedding photographer so that you can discuss these things with him/her. This way you can work on those ideas and be better prepared for the “dulha & dulhan couple photos” along with the photographer that you are hiring. 


So, here are 5 wedding photography ideas you can go for, for an awesome shot-list:


1. The Grand Entrance

You can prepare for a grand entrance shot like the one shown in the picture below. This one can require a little bit of help from your friends and family and some fireworks. Just remember to safe in this one and you will get a perfect shot. 

wedding photography idea


2. Some Fun Moments from Mehendi

For your wedding photography idea, you can ask your photographer to take some candid pictures from Mehendi that can really stand out and make up for a beautiful memory. Here are some of the examples. 

Some Fun Moments from Mehendi , mehndi images

Mehendi photo ideas

haldi images

bride images


3.Bridal Portraits

If you’re a bride who has spent hours getting all the makeup on and getting into the wedding gown so that everything is perfect then why not your pictures. You can go for bridal portrait photos so that you can have some great pictures from the day that you can post on your social media platforms. 

Bridal Portraits photoshoot ideas , Wedding Photography Ideas

Bridal Portrait Photography ideas ,  Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas

indian Wedding Photography Ideas

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4. Wedding Couple Photo

Wedding photos of the couples are supposed to be memorable. It can be the pose, the scenario, or a location that can make up for a wonderful memory. Here are some traditional wedding couple photo ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Wedding Couple Photos , Wedding Photography Ideas

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Wedding Couple Photo ideas , Wedding Photography Ideas

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Wedding Couple Photo shoot , Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Couple Photos , Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Couple Photo , Wedding Photography Ideas


5. Pre Wedding Shoot Idea

Among wedding photo ideas and wedding decor photos, don’t forget about the pre wedding shoot idea. You must also prepare for pre wedding photoshoot. For example, identify the theme that you want or the destination or the kind of pictures. See whether you want to keep it traditional or more candid. Here are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

Wedding Photography Ideas

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Wedding Photography Ideas

It is better to be prepared when you want to have the best wedding album that you can cherish with your loved ones. There are plenty of more ideas that we can give you if you get our wedding photography services. We, at Portfolio Studio, have been in the industry since 1978. We have covered over 8000 weddings. We possess the capability to transform your wedding photos into a bundle of memories that you would cherish forever. So, if you want the best wedding photography ideas then you can book your photoshoot with Portfolio Studio.


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