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Wedding Photography Checklist: A Complete List of Must-Have Photos

Wedding Photography Checklist

Ever wondered what kind of photos are considered mandatory for wedding photography. Well, mostly a couple depends on the photographer for all the pictures because why not? A photographer is experienced, uses professional equipment, and gives you quality pictures that turn into physical memories. 

But if you are looking forward to having a huge wedding and don’t want to miss the small details then you can have a basic list of your own that you can combine with that of the photographer.  

Wedding Photography Checklist

So, if you are looking for a complete list of shots then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we have given a complete list of Wedding Photographs that you can get for your wedding album. Before going any further, you must know that this is not a rule to have these pictures clicked. You can also go to the ones that you like the most. So, let’s begin. 


1. Pre Wedding Photography

Now, this is not exactly a part of your wedding photoshoot but something that can be done before. Pre wedding photoshoot offers a number of perks to the couple. Here are some of the pre wedding shoot ideas. 

Wedding Photography Checklist , Pre Wedding Photography

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Pre Wedding Photography , Wedding Photography Checklist

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2.Mehndi and Haldi

Get your wedding photography album’s timeline correct by having Haldi photoshoot that reflects the joy and happiness of your face. 

Mehndi and Haldi ,Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

3.Getting Ready Shots

While you are getting ready on your wedding day, you can have some getting ready shots with your lehenga or sherwani. Also, you can get some creative shots while applying makeup. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

4.Decor Shots

While getting all the shots, make sure that you have ample of shots of the wedding decor. Wedding decor photos are something that you can preserve and look at in the future.

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

5.Bridal Portrait

Once the bride is ready, she shouldn’t miss out on some good portraits. After going through the hours of getting ready, it is something that you deserve. So, make sure that you get more than enough shots of yourself. 

best Wedding Photography Checklist

top Wedding Photography Checklist

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6.Bride’s Appearance

Another great moment for the shot is when the bride makes an appearance with her friends and family towards the wedding stage. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

7.The Garland Ceremony

One of the most fun parts of the wedding is the Garland ceremony where the family plays shenanigans with the one who tries to put the garland onto another person’s neck. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

8.Wedding Couple Photos

On the stage, you can get some great photos together. Here are some of the examples of them. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

9.Final Ceremony Shots

Mostly it’s 7 Pheras that a couple takes which comes as the last and final ceremony of the wedding. There you can have some candid shots of you and your partner together. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

10.The Goodbyes

Goodbyes are the worst but they are also the start of a beautiful new journey. That’s the time when you go on a ride emotional rollercoaster. That’s also the perfect time for photography as it can capture all those emotions inside the picture. 

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

This was a complete list of wedding photography shots that you can discuss with your photographer and get shot. The photographer will add his/her own creativity to the shoot and will surely bring you more than that. At least, that’s what we, at Portfolio Studio, can promise. We have been in the industry of wedding photography since 1978 and have successfully captured over 8000 weddings. At Portfolio Studio, we offer excellence to our clients who are looking for the best wedding photography.


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