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Top 5 Wedding Trends That We Might See Post-Covid19

“Mehndi lagake rakhna, Doli sajake rakhna” This iconic Bollywood song dates way back to 1995, it became a norm for people to dance to this song at their weddings. The joy and festivity brought by this song stood the test of time and was played at weddings almost every year, unfortunately, in 2020 we couldn’t listen to this song being played anymore as the wedding bells stopped chiming.

After what felt like an eternity of a lockdown, 2020 finally seems to be getting better as we approach its end. With the country slowly but steadily dethawing itself from the icy cold grip of Covid-19, rays of hope seem to shine bright for couples who are enthusiastic about tying the knot. While normalcy is slowly returning, the new normal for weddings is surely going to be completely different from what it used to be. Here are the top 5 wedding trends that we might witness in the post-Covid-19 world:

1. Prevention is better than cure

Although the current situation is tiring to talk about, it taught us some valuable lessons. Cleanliness is often an aspect that is hugely overlooked by us due to our pompous Indian wedding preparations. It is safe to assume that this shall not happen anymore. The importance of personal and social hygiene has been put under the spotlight. Norms such as social distancing and sanitisation will surely find a place in the ‘new normal,’ making weddings less chaotic and clean. 

2. The lesser the merrier 

Top wedding trends after covid19

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Looks like the days of inviting literally every single person you are acquainted with to your wedding is over. Let’s face it, 2020 was a hard year for all of us, the only thing that kept us sane was staying home with our loved ones and staying connected with our dear ones. Communicating with them to get through such unprecedented times made us realise that family is enough and we think that the same thought will be applied to weddings post Covid-19. Not only does this make weddings a more intimate affair where a limited number of people invited can actually talk to each other and create an emotional bond but will also help in reducing risks of catching diseases and viruses. The perfect saying to go with this is “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

3. Dressed to the nines

Top wedding trends post covid19

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Bejewelled masks seem to already become a trend in 2020. Fashion stops for no one, not even Covid-19. Wedding attires are now being sold with complementary bejewelled masks and gloves. Not only is this a unique fashion statement but will also help in maintaining personal hygiene by following rules. So get ready to witness beautiful brides with breathtaking eye makeup paired with their exuberant lehengas and handsome grooms with lavish sherwanis have a mask on their faces to show off their new Covid-19 wedding looks.

4. Being one with the earth 

Top wedding trends after covid19

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Outdoor weddings were already steadily gaining popularity pre covid, however, this concept seems to be a crowd-pleaser at the moment. Having weddings in huge open spaces with classy floral decorations is more of a western wedding concept, but Covid-19 has proved that this is actually a much more healthy and beautiful alternative compared to cramped, crowded and low ventilated wedding halls. So get your flowy dresses ready for some breezy outdoor wedding photoshoots.

5. Vocal for Local

top wedding trends post covid19

With the lockdown that took place, people were forced to try and find alternative options to their problems in their vicinity. The outcry of vocal locals ignited a flame in the hearts of our country. Everybody wants to do their part for it and this follows for weddings as well. Not having access to our regular supplies forced us to use local products and made us realise that they work out better than the paradigm that we had formed about them in our minds. Weddings will now revolve around materials that can be locally bought and used. 

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