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What Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Mean For The Wedding Photography Industry In 2021? | Portfolio Studio

How photographer dealt with covid lockdown

Whether you are a couple who is waiting to get married or a wedding photographer who can't wait to get his/her business back on track, we know that you sincerely want the wedding industry to go back to the way it was before the pandemic. But be assured as with the vaccine coming to India, things will only start to look up from now. And as you are reading this, we know that you are here to find out what all changes the vaccine will bring to the wedding industry in 2021. So buckle up as we here at Portfolio Studio will take you through how our pandemic struck wedding industry will change because of the vaccine.

What Does The Vaccine Mean For The Wedding Photography Industry In 2021?

We might have got the vaccine in India, but we still haven't gotten any special new guidelines from the government, lifting some of the previous set social restrictions. Hence this list will be based on how the wedding will change if India got the same new government guidelines as the other countries like The US.  

Your Clients Will Start Booking Shoots Again-

We know that the country might be facing its toughest time since the pandemic started, but as soon as people will get vaccinated, the cases will start to go down. This eventually means that the wedding industry will again be open for business soon.  

There Will Be More Than 50 People At The Weddings-

Since people are now getting their vaccination, we will most probably see the "only 50 guests" rule being called off. This means that you can have more people at the wedding, as long as they all are vaccinated.

Only A Few Masked People-

According to the guidelines of the US government, if you have got your shot and have no symptoms of the virus, then it's no longer compulsory for you to wear a mask in public. Hence, soon we'll again be able to see some really joyous faces at wedding celebrations.

Haldi And Mehendi Celebrations Are Back Too!-

In case people, who have received their vaccination, will again be allowed to attend social gatherings, we can definitely hope to see Mehendi and Haldi Ceremony Celebration once again. 

Less Rescheduling-

With the vaccine finally coming to India, we feel like things would now be less unpredictable than before. So you'd have to go through fewer cancellations/postponements.

More Outdoor Weddings-

The fact that outdoor or open gatherings are much safer compared to closed or compact gatherings has been around for a while now. So we can now expect to see more outdoor weddings in 2021. 

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More Weddings & Receptions Than Usual-

A lot of people in India have been postponing their wedding for almost a year now. And as a result, once the government shows us the green flag for all those weddings, India will surely see more Celebrations & receptions than ever.

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