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Why a Pre Wedding Shoot is Necessary?

If you are about to tie the knot and probably planning to get a pre wedding photoshoot done then you have come to the right place. You might be having thoughts like why is it important to have a pre wedding photoshoot? 

Well, there is a huge significance of pre wedding photoshoot in the modern world. For starters, it is an amazing way to beat the camera shyness and get to know the photographer better before your wedding. This way, you can be sure whether the photographer is actually good at taking your pictures or not. 

And not just the photographer, pre wedding photoshoots can also give you a chance to get to know each other better. You can spend some quality time together and get pictures clicked that can become a source of happy memories for your future self. 

Now, here are some of the reasons why you should go for a Pre wedding photoshoot. 


1. Photos can be used in invitations cards
The pictures that you get clicked on your pre wedding can actually be used to print on your invitations cards and save the date. Those romantic pictures can make your card attractive and give the guests a glimpse of your chemistry. 

2. Add to the wedding album
You can also add those pictures from the pre wedding shoot to your wedding album. Your wedding album contains all the pictures from your special day. But you can make it even more special by adding pictures from your pre wedding shoot. You can add those pictures at the start of your album. 

3. Makeup trial
One of the biggest benefits of having a pre wedding shoot is that you can have a makeup and hair trial before your wedding day. You can actually experiment with different hairstyles and see what will suit you best. 

Also, you can get ready as you would on your wedding day as an experiment and get some pictures clicked. Yes, you can totally do that because weddings might be fun but they are a busy event and it can become hard to get good pictures when you are busy with the rituals. So, get some pictures clicked in your wedding lehenga and makeup. 

4. Try poses
If it’s your first time in front of the camera, the best way to get rid of shyness is by having a pre wedding photoshoot. It is a safe space where you can be free and have the kind of photoshoot that you want. There won’t be anyone to be shy from. It’s just the couple and the photographer. This way, you can even try poses that you won’t try in front of the guests. 

5. Bond with the photographer
The most important reason of all is that it will help you bond with the photographer. The photographer also needs time to understand your needs from the photoshoot. So, when you decide to go for a pre wedding photoshoot, you are actually giving that time to the photographer to understand you better. 

Now that you know why pre wedding shoot is necessary, we would like to tell you that we, at Portfolio Studio, can provide you with the best pre wedding photoshoot services. We are among the top photographers in the industry and can help you get the best pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime. So, book your pre wedding shoot with Portfolio Studios now. 



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