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Why your Haldi Ceremony Photoshoot is as Important as your Wedding Photoshoot ?

The Haldi ceremony of a wedding is undoubtedly the most fun event of an Indian wedding. As the bride and groom dressed in white are graciously applied with coats of Haldi (Turmeric) mixed with holy water with a lot of love and blessings not only do they become more and more yellow but are also having a lot of fun.

This ceremony is just like the Hindu festival of Holi: applying colours on one another and having fun, however in the Haldi ceremony only the colour yellow is used. 

importance of haldi photoshoot

Although this ceremony might sound like it's just some fun activity before the actual wedding, it has a rich history and significance. 

1. The yellow colour of Turmeric is considered to be auspicious for the to be web couple. 

2. The colour of the sun: Yellow is also believed to ward off any negativity (buri nazar) that surrounds the couple. 

3. It is not an unknown fact that the antiseptic properties of Haldi can do wonders to the skin. Many people firmly believe that post-Haldi ceremony the skin of the bride and the groom are glowing and radiant. 

4. The Haldi ceremony also marks to be the first point of physical contact or proximity for the to-be-wed couple. 

why haldi photoshoot is important

Haldi is what starts to be a religious ceremony and ends up being a playful event full of colour, smiles, laughter and dances. This event in itself holds a special place in many people's hearts. Usually done outdoors, Everything from the decor to the dresses is in different shades of the colour yellow. From dancing on classic Bollywood/ regional songs to dumping buckets of water at the end on the bride and groom, this ceremony brings the crowd together. 

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importance of haldi ceremony photoshoot

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With so much happening on one occasion, don't you think it is important that these moments have to be captured to make them evergreen? It is often witnessed that only wedding photographs are considered to be important.

Haldi Ceremony Photoshoot

While the day the couple finally ties the knot is the focal point, it is these pre-wedding rituals that set the tone for the main day. This occasion of colour, auspiciousness and fun is celebrated with a lot of vigour, with smiles spreading from ear to ear just like it is on the wedding day which makes it quintessential to be captured by photographers. Only when pre-wedding rituals like Haldi are covered properly the wedding album will look complete. 

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why haldi photoshoot is important

Wondering where you can find the Wedding Photographer to cover a Haldi? If you are on the hunt for a Haldi photographer then look no more than a portfolio studio, being one of the best photography studios in India has got you covered. With more than two decades of experience, we have developed a unique style of photography that focuses on showing your real emotions through the pictures. From outdoor shoots to candid shots, you name it and we are experts in it. Also Know 5 Tips for Beautiful Candid Wedding Photographs

importance of haldi photoshoot

You dont have to take our word on this. Just having a quick glance at our portfolio will give you a good idea of what we can do. Contact us for more information to book the best Haldi photoshoot with us. We would be more than happy to capture your special moments and immortalize them.


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