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How Your Friends Play An Important Role In Your Wedding

Growing up, we have all spoken about the importance of friends in life. But if we pause for a moment and ask ourselves, "what has been the one day that I wouldn’t have survived without them?" I'm sure, most of us would go back to reminisce our wedding days.

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“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” It is during the wedding that one experiences the true emotions ebbed in this quote. From gratitude-crying-laughing, all emotions are experienced on this day.While this day marks the love of the beautiful couple, it also makes one experience friendship like never before. And it's an experience impossible to be explained in words.

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Most people when they attend a wedding, quickly and easily assume whom amongst so many people are the bride/ grooms friends. Ever wondered why people can make this judgement so quickly and easily? It is only because they usually stand physically close to the couple? Or is there any other trick? Well there is one! It is the eyes with which the bride/groom look at his/her friends with the “you better stay close to me at all times” look.

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Along with providing emotional support, they also provide unconditional support in the physical functioning of things. They help the bride deck herself up and make sure that her clothes and accessories remain in place throughout the function. They are also in charge of carrying her belongings. And of course, there is no bride and groom fun challenges without them. They plan and initiate challenges that bring fun to the wedding. But more than that, they don’t leave their friend’s side till the very end of the function.  

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While the friends are the biggest support for the bride/groom on this day, they are also a big support to the family. While they are constantly there for their friend on this big day, they also help the family in making sure that everything runs perfectly. It's usually the friends, who, in collaboration with the family, plans the wedding. Be it guest transport,  accommodation, food, decoration, rituals, everything is taken care of by the friends. They may also handle on- the- day payments. And without them, the Sangeet wouldn't be possible. They prepare their dance performance intensely to throw the best Sangeet for their friend. They just don’t prepare their dance, they also convince everyone else to dance and train them for it. 

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But most of all, it is at the time of bidaai, that the friends take care of each and everyone. While everyone is crying (and they are too), they try to make this moment light. 

Friends, indeed, play a crucial role in one's wedding. They support one not only emotionally, but also see to it that nothing ruins or brings them unhappiness on their wedding day. They shake the world to make this day perfect for friend. So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a bride/groom’s wedding day is what it is, because of their friends.

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